Our Project Roadmap Program is a few things that everyone should know before consulting with an Architect or an Engineer. Please fill out the form to the right of the page if you wish to contact us about doing a project.


Building or renovating a home can and should be a thrilling adventure. However, too often we hear horror stories of projects gone awry with delays, cost overruns or shoddy work.

With proper planning you can create a smooth and efficient path for your project.

Before talking to any architects or contractors you should establish what you would like to accomplish with your project. Construction is a very detailed and complex process that requires a good team of qualified professionals that work well together.

Before you Start you want to answer these questions about your project and yourself to organize and speed up your project process.

How long have you lived in your home?

Do you plan to sell anytime soon?

What are your three primary goals for your project?

Do you plan on completing your project by hiring a general contractor or as an owner/builder?

When do you hope to have your project completed by?

Do you currently pay HOA fees?

Which agency has jurisdiction over your property? (City/County)


Below we provide several no commitment options to speak with a licensed architect. Please remember that these are only the costs for the meetings and there will be additional charges for other work done outside of the parameters of the meeting choice.

Office Consultation

• No charge, 30 Minutes In our office, Gauge compatibility, Discuss project

Project Analysis

• $400, One hour on site, Initial site analysis, Review costs & fees, Process overview, Project brief, Review meeting in our office

Project Vision

• $800, Project Analysis plus ..., Preliminary option sketches, Inspiration imagery, Comprehensive project meeting